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Work Processes


【Ming Chuan Journal Evaluation Procedures】

1. The executive editor will distribute the submissions to the section convener in accordance with the category. The section convener, committee members and executive editor will recommend off-campus evaluation committee members for the chair committee member’s approval in accordance with the thesis category.

2. The submissions will be evaluated by two scholars or experts, and each judge will write their comments on the evaluation form and check one of the four choices as below.
(1) Approved for publication
(2) Revised for publication (The judge must indicate the part required adjustment or revised it directly. Please check the 3rd choice for providing adjustment suggestion only)
(3) Reversion for re-evaluation
(4) Fail for publication

3. Process

ProcessSecond judge’s comment
Approved for publicationRevised for publicationReversion for re-evaluationFail for publication
Approved for publication1234
Revised for publication2235
Reversion for re-evaluation3335
Fail for publication4455

Condition 1: Send the Acceptance Letter to the author with CD Rom.
Condition 2: (a) Mail the author and require the author to answer the questions. (b) Once the chair committee member approved the feedback from the author the process is the same as condition 1.
Condition 3: (a) Mail the author and require the author to answer the questions. (b) Send the feedback from the author for judges’ re-evaluation.
Condition 4: Send the submission to the 3rd judge for evaluation.
Condition 5: Mail the rejection letter to author with the submission.

4. The result of submission evaluation related to the right of the author, so the anonymous comments and suggestions must be sent to the author with the process.



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