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2014.11.17 Call for Submissions ISSN 1993-5455


Ming Chuan Journal is collected in the Center for Humanities Research “Taiwan Humanities Citation Index”, which is a comprehensive academic publication, and reviewed by scholars and experts in the field.


【Submission Scope】

The submissions include papers on Management, Law, Communication, Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Information Technology, Design, Biotechnology, and International Affairs. Any works that have not been previously issued or published are welcome.

【Submission Format】

1、The submissions must be at least 20,000 characters and not more than 30,000.

2、Please indicate the following information on the first page: Chinese and English title, author(s) name(s), service unit, position, Chinese and English abstract (under 300 characters), and key words.

3、The section headings must include preface, methods, results, discussion (conclusion), and references.

4、 Please use A4 and follow the general format of academic papers (12-point font), use MingLiU for Chinese and Times New for English, 18 pt for the line height, 6.5 cm for top margin, 2.21 cm for bottom margin, and 3.17 cm for both left and right margins.

5、The sequence of numbers and notes should be: I, 1, (1), A, a, (a).

【Submission Evaluation】

All submissions must be evaluated in accordance with the published procedures; Ming Chuan Journal also invites two off-campus scholars and experts to conduct anonymous evaluation of each submission. Please refer to the attached file for the evaluation procedures.


1、 The authors must take all legal liability for the approved submissions.

2、The authors must authorize the copyright of the approved submission to Ming Chuan Journal and all authors are required to sign in the Certificate of Copyright Authorization (as attached).

【Submission 】

1、Submissions are welcome year round.

2、Please make three copies of your submission and mail with “Certificate of Copyright Authorization” and “Author’s Basic Information” to “Ming Chuan Journal Editorial Committee” at Ming Chuan University, 250 Zhong Shan N. Rd., Sec. 5, Taipei 111, Taiwan.

【Attachments 】

1、Ming Chuan Journal Evaluation Procedures

2、Author's Basic Information

3、Certificate of Copyright Authorization





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